2021 Fashion Trends

2021 Fashion Trends

Happy 2021! Our first blog story of the year. 

Are you still working from home or starting to head back into the work place? Where ever your work location may be, it is important that you continue to feel good and look good. It's called SELF LOVE! Today I will be sharing with you 2021 jewelry trends and Vi Ling styles to incorporate with your relaxed wardrobe.

Are you dressed in sweats or constantly on Zoom meetings that need to dress up from the waist up? Which ever it is your work attire, jewelry is a way that you can express yourself and feel put together while keeping your wardrobe simple yet comfortable. 

Here are some trend tips for you...

Trend #1

B O L D!  A substantial sized gemstone or chunky metal makes a great statement piece to frame your face for those virtual meetings. If you are out and about, wear bold earrings that compliment your eye or hair color simply because the rest of your faces is covered with a mask. 

Trend #2

C O L O R! Adding color to your neckline will make you feel alive for those back-to-back Zoom meetings and seeing your reflection all day on your computer screen. Green is a great color to wear as it represents nature, luck, peace, gracefulness and will bring joyful vibes while being stuck on your computer all day. Though I do advise you to get up and go outside for fresh air! 


Is this Malachite gemstone earring and necklace set. The green hue of this stone is bright and bold with texture that is unique and one-of-a-kind as no two stone will be exact. The crystal accents adds sparkle without being too dressed up. 

Trend #3

G E T - L I N K E D! 

As in linked chain necklaces or bracelets, a smooth linked chain either dainty or chunky will make a great piece to wear all day - everyday. Virtual meetings to yoga afternoon session, just leave the chains on. Adding sparkle to your wrist is also important simply because the keyboard is boring to look at. 


This Paper Clip chain necklace in 14k rose gold. Neither dainty or chunky but a happy medium that you are wearing a defined chained necklace without weighing your neck down. Are you constantly looking down at your desk or phone? Another reminder to GET UP AND STRETCH!

Lastly......Trend #4

A B S T R A C T! 

Be different! Wear a piece that is weird in its own way, unique that you can share and tell a story. Simply because who wants to wear what everyone else is wearing? So express yourself in wearing an oddly shaped, abstract statement piece. 


No other name to it but Abstract Hammered pendant necklace. This necklace will get others commenting "What a unique shape pendant that is".


What is your favorite trend so far? Leave your comments below! 

So those are the top four jewelry trends for 2021, stay toned for more trend tips for the next coming seasons. 

Hope you enjoyed todays story and helped add some sparkle trends to your 2021 wardrobe.

Until next time, mask up peeps & leave a little sparkle wherever you go... 






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