Europe Proposal

Choosing a colored stone other than a diamond is the new trend. Although diamonds are classic but why not make your forever piece even extra special and personal with a colored gem stone! This gentleman came to me wanting to create an engagement ring with his girlfriends favorite color, purple. There is a variety of gem stone options such as Sapphire, Topaz, Amethyst etc. I suggested to this gentleman, why not a Tanzanite?
Tanzanites are a very special, rare and a beautiful gem. It's natural phenomenon characteristics is showing pleochroism. What is a pleochroism? When the stone is observed at different angles, for Tanzanites, shades of blue to violet will appear. Lighting will effect the strength of the pleochroism as well. This is the stones unique feature and no stone is going to be alike. The durability of a stone must be considered when choosing a colored gem. Tanzanite has a hardness of 7, making it suitable to set on rings for daily wear. 
A bluish violet to purple hue Tanzanite 
When it came to designing the band, classic was the vision. The stone had a deep pavilion, so creating a higher setting was necessary. To balance out the height, diamonds were added on the shoulder and heart embellishment on the gallery. 
The final look
The exciting day finally happened! He proposed on their trip to Europe. Such a magical romantic country especially for a proposal story. 
Another Vi Ling Forever Love Story
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