Secret Locket

Did you know that the Fortune Cookie charm was the first piece created for the Vi Ling line? This goes back about 11 years ago. Before branching out on my own as an independent jeweler, I was always looking for the perfect fortune cookie pendant necklace. I could never find a fortune cookie that was chubby enough, had a good weight or even hung the right direction. For fun I was experimenting with wax carving, so the first piece I created was a fortune cookie. Being introduced to a castor in Beverly Hills, my first piece was casted. 
The fortune cookie charm is still in the line today, its been created in different material variations: silver, gold plated, 14k gold set with pave diamonds. I’ve made it not just in a necklace, but also bracelets, earrings and even into a locket charm. 
A mom came to me wanting a special present for her daughter that was graduating from high school. The mom and daughter had a special story of their own with the fortune cookie, this charm was perfect for them. Mom suggested if their birthstones could be incorporated on the charm. So that's when I came up with a locket charm. A locket that opened to heart shape birthstones. 
This is the prototype of the locket
The final look
It was exciting to see the transformation of this locket and happy that it is part of this mom and daughter forever love story. 
The final outcome came out super cute! This was made in 14k gold, with the birth stones of pink sapphire and garnet. 
Until next time, leave a little sparkle wherever you go....

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