Celebrating 10!

Celebrating 10!

It's our BIRTHDAY!!!!

Tadaa! Hi everyone and WELCOME! Vivian here and this is Sushi, one of my fur kids. How do we look? I am very excited to celebrate our Vi Ling Birthday, more so than other years. A lot has happened with the pandemic and not knowing how a small business owner like myself is able to survive and get past this hump. It is the first time I have gone through a "pandemic, hard ship, economy crash" (as a business owner), however you want to call it and it was tough learning how to make it through it all. With the confusions of not knowing what was going to happen in the jewelry industry and constantly reflecting on myself, I had to re-group, re-think, re-strategize, and I am very THANKFUL it all happened. 

Vi Ling is now 10 years young and looking back the past decade, it's been a journey and has come a very long way since I first started. The once freshly graduated college kid that just wanted to make jewelry for a side gig evolved into something bigger. I never imagined being able to work along side with some of the greatest diamond & gemstone trades of Beverly Hills, setting up shop in the heart of Old Pasadena, and continuing my studies at GIA working towards becoming a Gemologist. 

The pandemic was a kick in the butt when it all began, but I am GRATEFUL that it needed to happen for all positive reasons. I have learned more about myself, grown from the experience and it has made me excited to grow Vi Ling for the next decade to come. 

For those that has followed me since the beginning of time or if you are new and just met me today, THANK YOU for following me on this journey and for many more years to come. 


Until next time..... Leave a little sparkle wherever you go


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