Family Heirloom

Family Heirloom

Switching it up a bit for this todays blog as this story is best told (not by me) by its beloved owner of this truly one-of-a-kind piece with a history. 


"My grandfather was in a prisoner of war camp when my mom was a little girl. When he returned, he had made this charm for her out of a piece of metal that he had found. He flattened the piece and made the shape of a heart. He carefully created a design of small dots filling the entire heart with her initials in the middle.

My sister and I found the charm one day just spending time with our mom and going through her closet with her. We were in our 30’s, but it was almost as if we were little girls playing dress up. As soon as we found the charm and heard the story from our mother, we fell in love with it. We knew that we wanted to protect the original and have copies made for each of us. Well it only took around twenty years for us to find Vivian. We struggled to find someone that we could trust with such a precious piece of our history, and we are glad we waited. She took care and time with the piece, beautifully recreating the smallest details. Our mother passed away before we found Vivian and had the pieces made for ourselves. But we know she would absolutely love it."

This was the original charm as you can see the initials 

Replicated in sterling silver and 14k gold

A something new and something old within one piece, worn close to the heart and forever remembered. 

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