Cheers to 36!

Cheers to 36!

Today's post will be not be jewelry related  (maybe just a little bit). This is a side of Viv that is hardly ever expressed. So read on if you wish cause I hope my journey can help others along the way.  


If not, no offense taken 🥰... see you in the next post!


So here it goes…..

Besides the carry over of all the bumps from 2020, the start of 2021 has been filled with unforeseen circumstances. From getting into a bad car accident, accepting and understanding infertility treatment, constant doctor visits and to almost loosing my 3 senior fur kids, my emotions were turned upside down in just the short but long 7 months time. I kept asking myself “Why was I put into this position?” “What did I do to deserve this?” 

August came, finally there was light on the other side of the 🌈

As I go to my last health appt before my bday.. laying there at the dentist getting fillers done when suddenly I had a moment. “I get it! Life just makes sense now!” I finally felt content, accepted that every thing is going to be ok and life is good. 

We can never fully take away stress nor can we predict the challenges of adulting. At times, I felt a huge guilt that I wasn’t there for others as I normally would be. But reality is….. It’s ok to separate yourself from people/activities that brings you stress, it’s ok to hide away for a while so you can hear your brain & follow your heart, it’s ok to simply take the time to take care of YOU. Your true friends and family will understand when you come back feeling refreshed again. 

SELF CARE is very important no matter how “busy” you can be. Wether it is your work, family or just adulting you always need to take the time for SELF CARE! Turning 36 has really pushed me to take care of myself more than before because HEALTH IS WEALTH! 

Also, don’t bottle up thoughts and feelings either (its what I’ve been doing). Never feel as if you are alone because you’ll be surprised how much resources are around that can help guild you along the way. 

We all learn sooner or later right? It’s all about the right timing and I believe that things always happen for a reason 💖 


So with that here is a VLD update :: I’ve been asked when will VLD be back to weekly pop ups? The pandemic was truly a blessing in disguise. I’ve had the honor of creating more custom jewelry that I would hate to go back to being on the road, taking away precious time to work on these special pieces. My goal has always been to complete my entire GIA Graduate Gemologist certification, so VLD can provide you with the most knowledgeable advice for your future Forever Love pieces. Staying put in my lovely Pasadena Design Studio just makes perfect sense. 

And thats it my friends..... Cheers to 36! 


Until next time, leave a little sparkle where ever you go ✨


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