From Start to Finish

Today I want to share with you a recent request for this star sapphire ring,
one of our classic pieces.
I love it when a gall has a say in choosing her special ring. It is the trend these days after all she is wearing it forever. We recreated this Star Sapphire ring specifically for her engagement ring with increasing the diamonds to 5pt on each side. The larger diamonds gives this ring more sparkle and a pronounced "past, present, future" style. The original design had 1pt size diamond accented on each side which was more of a casual look. 
It is very exciting when a lady chooses a ring that's filled with color. She is all ready for her wedding day to have her "Something Blue".
Congratulations on your engagement E&A!
Curious of the process of this ring?
Let me show you the behind the scenes from start to finish.
This is the setting, the base that holds the stones in place. Tiny and powerful tools are used to create the shape the setting.
Once the shape of the bezel fits perfectly to the stone, it is ready to be set.
The stone is tucked in tightly into the bezel. Filing, filing and more filing to seal it closed.
Shaping the bezel to make it nice, smooth and flesh.
Popping in the diamonds! The diamonds are also bezel set. 
Home stretch with polishing and making it shiny 
And the final step. Laser engraving is always done in our fine jewelry pieces with the gold mark and logo.
Tada! The final look!
Another Vi Ling Forever Love Story 
Hope you enjoyed today's story and the journey of this ring.
Until next time... Leave a little sparkle wherever you go 


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