Hello August ☀️

Hello August ☀️

Hello Friend, 

How is it August already!?!?! That means Summer vacations are coming to an end, back to school or work is in preparation and we only have a few weeks left to wind down from it all. 

August is an awakening month for me. There are exciting celebrations but also a mental rush (slight panic) of prepping for the upcoming holiday season. Business terms we call it "Q4 planning". 

What are the celebrations this month? 



This peridot birthstone is for you 💖 Not a fan of the stone, then Spinel will be your alternative gem 💎



My husband Anthony and I just celebrated our 15 years together anniversary. We met when we were just 22 years old in Old Town Pasadena, CA on August 1st 2007. We were two strangers that was meant to be together in the same place at the right time of our lives.  


Third celebration of the month, I'm turning 37 on the 23rd! Do you ever have self reflections and set new goals for your upcoming birthday? What have you accomplished the last year? What do you want to do better this year? Any life style changes or new bucket list? 

I'm keeping it simple this year, to not overthink things and just going with the flow. I'm learning to be more relaxed with my tasks/goals/work flow to love and enjoy every moment. Most importantly to be healthy as possible. As you may know (or not), for the past few years I've been struggling with infertility. It has been mentally and physically draining at times, meanwhile balancing work, continuing education with GIA and the endless evolving pandemic.

Through my journey of infertility, I have discovered and learned so much more about my body and life style changes. If you are also going through the same difficulties, feel free to reach out (private email). I will be happy to share with you my journey in detail and be your supporter. 🤗

Now lets talk about "Q4 planning" 

Here at Vi Ling, we are continuously growing and learning how to give you a better experience, how we can connect with you better and still keep creating pieces for all your self care, gift giving occasions. This month we are focusing in prepping for the holiday gift giving season. We want to be extra prepared for you.

As we are going back to school (or your kids) or no kids but your vacation time has maxed out and headed back to work, let's not forget about preparing for the upcoming holiday season. What are some jewelry trends you would like for us to create (with the Vi Ling daintiness)? What changes would you like to see on our online shop to make your experience better? Our team would love to hear what you want and need! Seriously, don't be shy and comment below ⬇️

We already have changes in the works for this upcoming season but it is still a secret. So be on the look out! If you haven't already, click on the left corner banner with the 💖 of the Home Page and join our exclusive newsletter. That is where all the perks begin as we stay connected with one another. 

And that is all for today friend, have an amazing August. Remember "new month, new YOU" 🥰 

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