Lil' Girls Jewelry Collection is here!

Lil' Girls Jewelry Collection is here!






Hello friend!

We are so excited for the launch of Jewelry for Lil' Girls collection and we hope you are too! 

Are you curious on how we were inspired to create this collection?

Inspired by our friends and family that have toddlers, are testing to see if their daughters are able to wear jewelry without the fuss. Along with frequent requests, jewelry for all gift giving occasions specifically from toddler age to 10 years old. And because jewelry isn't just for adults 🤩

So here we are!🤗

Jewelry for lil' girls that is Sweet, Dainty and Durable. This collection is created incorporating the same quality materials as our Vi Ling contemporary collection. We have the parents in mind too with keeping it budget friendly 😉

So we put our lil princesses to the test to see their strengths and roughness when wearing this collection for their special occasion or just at play.

Our bracelets are designed with colorful pastel seed beads with silver or gold plated charm beads. Strung with a medium weight coated nylon flex wire that ensures durability and flexibility from play time to dress up tea parties. 

Necklaces show the same durability and quality as their momma's jewels. Crafted with either sterling silver or gold filled chain connected with heavy jump ring closures to be able to wear it all day-everyday. Charms are accented with Swarovski crystals for the extra touch of colorful sparkle.  

Making it easy for the parents, aunties and uncles, each jewelry piece is packaged and ready for any gift giving occasion.

Are there more charms you would like us to incorporate in the future for your little one? 

Let us know in the comments below! 


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