Lord Of The Rings Meets Love

I started this project for this engaged couple back in September in advance preparation for their wedding in 2021. The bride-to-be was filled with visions for her and his ring set that each detail had a special meaning to them. It is very exciting to be able to finally share their story to you for the last Wedding Wednesday of 2020! 
Starting off with her vision. This was a ring she had existing where she loved the contrast of dark and light colored stones. 
And this is where the story begins
Her Band
Three stones representing the past, present and future. Specifically the "past" and "future" gemstones of royal blue Sapphires with the meaning that the "past" does not matter anymore and the "future" is unknown. A crystal clear Sapphire for the center gemstone meaning they are focused on the "present" as it is the clearest stone representing what they vision together.
His Band
The Elvish inscription inside his band is a very important detail to how their love story began. In their early days of the relationship, they bonded over the movie Lord of the Rings. His sense of humor always joked about how he would want the engraving "the one ring to rule them all" on his wedding band. Little did he know his fiancé had her own creative idea incorporating an Elvish inscription translation "I love you more than rice". An inside joke between these two love birds, because their were very few things she loved more than rice. As corny as it may sound, that hidden message even made me tear up because I understood and felt what she meant. Except I love noodles more than rice, hahaha.
Together As One
Lastly, the hammer texture detail on both the rings symbolizes joining together in marriage, a reminder that a marriage takes work, and to never stop working. 
Congratulations G & M! 
It is an honor to be able bring these pieces to life, to share with you this Vi Ling Forever Love Story and a great way to end 2020! With all the good, bad, beautiful and the ugly, 2020 has reminded us to keep looking for the good out there and one thing certain is Love Isn't Canceled! 
Hope you enjoyed today's story. 
Until next time, leave a little sparkle wherever you go! 
See you in 2021!!!!!

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