March is ME Month

March is ME Month

It has been a very LONG LONG time since a blog post. Let me fill you in what has been going on with Vi Ling and I (Vivian). 

Here is the 2023 Q1 recap.

I've been 100% and beyond devoting my time in preparing for my Graduate Gemologist final exam. It has been an intense emotional and physical roller coaster ride being a distant learner with GIA. Meanwhile, running a business, designing, creating jewelry and being in school full time is a marathon I didn't think I could ever do within the course timeline requirements. This final exam is intense with 100% correct is required to pass, miss identifying one stone still leads to a failed exam. Not going to hide the facts, if you are reading this in real time, I've failed the exam three times. I am at peace because I know I am not alone in this process. I've developed friendships with other GIA students during my testing days on campus and what a difference it makes to have the support. I am grateful to have met new industry friends and to be a cheerleader for them as they've become mine. Soon I will graduate, so stay tuned! 

Industry updates....

October of 2022, I joined the the Women's Jewelry Association - Los Angeles Chapter. I had a huge sense of loss and loneliness during the pandemic and needed some sort of reconnection with others that are also in the jewelry industry. I was introduced to the WJA and I am beyond grateful to be a part of this community in supporting other women within the jewelry industry. 2023, I wanted to be more involved in the WJA, I joined the Los Angeles chapters Board of Committee of Communications. Being involved in this community has brought me back confidence and happiness with my self. I am learning a lot from other women owned business owners, designers, creators in WJA along with building long term friendships. As I grow from attending industry networking events, I am eager to share with you and incorporate what I have learned to further take Vi Ling Designs.

As I find happiness with myself, I am working on being more transparent with you and the Vi Ling journey, because you are part of the Forever Love Story. 

Speaking of finding happiness with yourself, March is an important month. It is an exciting month with lots of celebrations with: Aquamarine Birthstone, Women's History Month and International Women's Day are just a few. 

The WJA and I want to celebrate with you even more for the month.

🌟 presented by Women’s Jewelry Association 💫​​​​​​​​
💞 March is Me Month 💞 ​​​​​​​​

We invite you to....celebrate YOU and to LIVE beautifully 💖​​​​​​​​

Take the time to take care of YOU! Surround yourself with positive vibes and people that will help you feel beautiful outside as much as you are inside.  

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @Vilingdesigns and subscribe to our sparkle in your inbox Newsletter (on our home page) and we will be celebrating with you all month long 💕

Until next time, leave a little sparkle wherever you go✨




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