Mothers Ring

This was my first time creating a "Mothers Ring". What is a mothers ring? I had to research myself, it's a collection of birthstones of the mothers children. I learned something new! This was a fun piece because not only was it just birthstones but each shape chosen also reflected their personalities. Here are the meanings behind each birthstone and the shapes representation. 
1st child is a Peridot (August) in a Princess cut because the daughter is the most like her mom. Princess cut is perfect fit as she is obsessed with the Disney Princesses. 
2nd child is a Garnet (January) in a Marquise cut. The son is silly, funny and all over the place. The unique shape of a Marquise soots him perfectly. 
3rd child is a Aquamarine (March) in a Brilliant cut. This son is very easy going and goes with the flow so the round shape to a Brilliant cut fits his personality. 
4th child is a Ruby (July) and she is the newest addition to the family. She was born with an owie in her heart so it was perfect to have a Heart shape cut Ruby for her.
How did I know which colors to choose from? I created a digital illustration first to set the tones because it was very important that the hues and saturations of each stone had to match well together. This gives me a better visual of the colors and it also made the sourcing process a lot easier.
When it came to designing, I instantly knew where to place each stone. I designed this ring that all of the birthstones met together in the middle, connected by an outer circle for the meaning of Unity. 
This was a very fun project and I'm honored that I was able to be part of this Forever Story. I love creating pieces for those that are wanting to tell a story with their jewelry piece and that can be passed on to generations to come. 
Hope you enjoyed todays story.

Until next time... Leave a little sparkle wherever you go

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