Sadira Gunmetal and Gold Stacking Bracelet

Oooooppps My Bad!!

I‚Äôm not perfect, I make mistakes too ūüėě Because I‚Äôm HUMAN!

So this happened! 

I accidentally used the wrong solution and water to clean this bracelet ūüė£ I had used distilled water¬†that reacted¬†to the cleaning solution causing the silver beads to oxidize. It is interesting that the gold filled beads had no chemical¬†reaction. This could lead to unexplainable reasons or just simply a reaction had no effect to alloy and only to silver.¬†

In result, this accident turned out to have a pretty cool looking effect! The gunmetal and gold contrast makes it an edgy style. A big oooopppsss, but how cool does this bracelet look!?!?!?

This is what the bracelet is supposed to look like.

FYI.. Oxidation can also happen to your silver or plated jewelry when wearing the jewels in a chlorine pool, hot tub and even a sauna. Natural metals has its own chemistry components that react to heat and chemical treatments differently. This is not entirely the jewelers or designers fault in anyway. Metals simply have a mind of their own when reacting to heat, chemical and even environmental changes. 

It is the uniqueness of natural metals and what the earth creates. 

We defiantly have to be more mindful and doing our parts in taking care & storing our jewels properly when not wearing them. 

If you need more tips in keeping your jewels sparkly, head over to our CARE page! 


What do you think of this new (accidental) creation? 

Yay or nay? Feel free to comment below 

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