Our 1 Year Anniversary

It is Anthony and I's first year wedding anniversary! 
Today I want to share with you the process and inspiration of how I created Anthony's wedding band. 
I wanted to create a ring for him that was modern, sleek, comfortable and different from the classic styles. First, prototype was created by carving a wax model. 
I carved two different options to test the comfort of each style.
 This is my creation of a men's "past, present, future" style band with a European shank for comfort. I chose this unique modern style to match my engagement ring, a Art Deco past present future ring. The design was kept as a surprise so Anthony had no idea what his ring looked like till the wedding day. 
Sent the wax carving off for casting and this is what it looks like afterwards.
Next step is filing, setting a 2mm diamond and polishing.
To add on to this Forever Love Story, a diamond will be set into the ring for each anniversary. 
For our first anniversary, I decided to add the gemstone on the other side of the ring so it can be worn either direction. 
Plenty of room to fill his ring with diamonds for many more anniversaries to come. 
Hope you enjoyed today's story.
Until next time... Leave a little sparkle wherever you go. 

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