Scarlet Said YES!

Scarlet Said YES!

Hello my sparkly friends! I had to take a break from the social media and the web world for a bit which will be a story for another day.

I am feeling refreshed and eager to share with you a recent custom piece.

I was very humbled when this sweet hearted gal reached out to me. She reminds me so much of the younger me and we are both FIDM Alumi's. We graduated a decade apart and so I was more than excited in sharing with her my jewelry journey as she is starting to blossom in the industry. 

I would like to introduce you to Scarlet, designer + creator of John Scarlet Designs, a local maker in Los Angeles and she just said YES! 

Two women, self made jewelry boss ladies, together Scarlet and I created her dream engagement ring from her vision board and sketches. Scarlet loves designing jewelry inspired by her love of 18th-century french art with a touch of heaven. Vi Ling is modern with classic elements. Our creative elements match perfectly as we both love whimsical designs and of course our favorite colors are PINK! 

Scarlet really wanted a heart shaped pink colored gemstone and I made that that happen for her. Sourcing a heart shape gem can be challenging because the "perfect" faceted heart gem is rare. Even more rare in consideration of the 4c's, the type and variety of gemstone. 

A Morganite gemstone suits perfectly for this engagement ring. Morganite has a MOH hardness of 7.5-8 which is perfect to withstand everyday wear and is widely available in a range of pink-peachy hues. 

An ombre of pink sapphires to accent the heart gemstone frames the heart to define the shape even more. 

The elements of this ring are symbolic to Scarlet and her fiancé. Giving this ring the name "The February Ring" because it was inspired by their special month & their love for Valentine's day.

The month of February is filled with celebrations of their anniversary on the 14th and her fiancé Elijah's birthday the 18th. Engraving their special day on the inside of the band adds extra meaningful detail to this ring. 

And the finish piece

Very seldom do jewelry artists collaborate to create pieces together, so bringing this piece to life is more meaningful and adds to the story. 

Congratulations again Scarlet & Elijah! Cheers to the future Mr. & Mrs. !

Be sure to visit Scarlet and her jewelry designs at | instagram @johnscarletdesigns , Support Local Artists! 

Thank you for reading todays Forever Love Story!

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Until next time... Leave a little sparkle wherever you go 



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