When jewelry says 925?

When jewelry says 925?

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This is your September Jewelry Digest

What does it mean when jewelry says 925? 

Surprisingly, often people are unaware with the metal of their jewelry that is in their jewelry boxes. Whether it is a fashion, contemporary or demi fine jewelry, it is always good practice to check the metal of the jewelry before making a purchase. Grab one of your necklaces check the clasp or tag. Is there a tiny "925" stamp or engraving? This means the metal content is Sterling SilverCheck your earrings. The stamp is typically on the backing (not on the design). Is it imprinted with 925? If so, YAY 🖐! These are all good thing! 

Sometimes, a design can be so tiny or maybe it is both gold and silver tone, it may not even note that it is 925. That is ok, feel free to ask the sales to confirm the metal used in the design. 

It is very important to look for this marking on your next shopping trip. Incase you or the gift receiver may have any skin allergies to certain metals. Check in with your friend too to see if they have sensitive skin or ears. Looking for a metal stamp will save you the pain allergic reactions and also your wallet 😉. Skin allergies from jewelry will be in another blog story. 

Now go check if jewelry box, do you have 925 pieces sitting around? 

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